Our results

Our unrivalled success

Helm and its US-based clients have experienced unrivalled success with revenue and revenue per TSA passenger metrics growing significantly versus pre-pandemic levels.

Working closely with our clients and their broader teams on a joined-up approach to parking revenue management, we have achieved the following:

Implemented and leveraged the value of online reservation platforms.

Raised the awareness of pre-booked parking through our multi-channel marketing, improving the propensity
to park and pre-booking
as a result.

Supported the drive-up rate change process, resulting in frequent drive-up rate changes.

Maximized revenue through our tried-and-tested pricing optimization program, which includes drive-up, prebook, and other parking products like EVs and employees.

Both CLT and LAX use our parking services, experiencing at least double-digit growth in revenue per TSA passenger when compared to their strongest performance historically.

Drive-Up Rate Increases

Supported CLT and LAX to frequently increase drive-up rates.

New Products

Widened the LAC product portfolio to include 4.2k Economy.

Product Development

Re-purposed existing lots to improve the product offering.

Pricing & Rules

Leveraged variable pricing and rules using an online reservation platform.

Online Exposure

Continued investment in digital channels has maximised prebook sales.

Prebook / Drive-Up Mix

Adapting the pre-book and drive-up quotas to reflect the trading environment.

An Informed Operation

The joined-up approach between Commercial and Ops drives the user experience.

Customer Database

Increased the size of the customer database to more than 150k at both airports.

Collaboration Driven

Collaboration with the airport and the wider teams has led to innovation.

If you are interested in hearing more about LAX or CLT, or indeed the success we have experienced with those clients who have used one or a combination of our services, please reach out and we will gladly share our experience.

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