Revolutionising revenue, one space at a time

Parking revenue management is an art learned over time. One that requires the right mix of people, processes, and technology to deliver the best returns.

This requires specialized knowledge and expertise to design and develop customized plans and strategies… but also remain flexible enough to work successfully within different environments and subsequently refine the program when conditions change.

Helm is the engine that helps fuel financial performance and revenue growth for parking businesses.

Planning for Success

The foundation for our success in this area is our tried and tested forecasting logic.

It has been developed for more than 12 years. A collaborative process designed to provide granular level targets for all parking metrics, resulting in client access to our performance on an ongoing basis. Accountability is key. 

Adjust the rates, supercharge the revenue

As you would expect, pricing is a critical consideration when optimizing parking revenue.

It’s why we take a comprehensive and flexible approach to pricing optimization and quota management, where every decision is based on multiple factors. Historical performance, current travel and aviation trends, future forecasts and the market itself are all key here.

Pricing and quota management in a government-owned environment can be trickier compared to privately-run businesses like airlines, hotels, and rental cars. They can change their rates quicker and easier, whereas it is more difficult for airports or municipalities.

Our approach to dynamic pricing, however, means that our government-owned clients can adopt a flexible pricing strategy that gives decision-makers the confidence that pricing is being optimized and within an agreed framework.

How we get customers in, and keep them on

Brand Awareness

Building awareness of airport parking by driving traffic to the website and reservation system, promoting products and pre-booking benefits.

Revenue Conversion

Converting clicks into revenue and using customer data for future opportunities through email marketing.

This approach requires a company like Helm who are well-versed in multi-channel marketing, specifically for parking, as parking is a perishable product. We can provide a view of which channels you should invest in; how much investment is required by each channel and how to optimize the investment over time.

Return-on-Investment is central to every marketing decision we make, so our team is laser-focused on driving the biggest bang for your buck.

We further focus on lowering the cost of booking acquisition over time, providing incentives for customers to sign up for the email marketing list and leveraging sophisticated CRM systems to drive customer lifetime value.

Crunching the numbers to drive more revenue

Ultimately, the revenue optimization process is continuous and constantly changing.

So rather than simply accepting results, we also continuously improve upon them by adjusting strategies as we gather data and learn more about the local environment, identify growth opportunities and mitigate risks.

We like to work closely with our clients and their broader team, going on the ‘revenue optimization’ journey that means they exceed their targets.

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