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Consultancy services four ways

Our complementary suite of Consultancy services goes hand-in-hand with our comprehensive parking service offering so that our clients can utilize the full extent of our services or use specific services to support a project.

Financial Forecasting & Planning

Yield Management & Pricing

Digital Marketing

Data Analytics & Reporting

Financial Forecasting & Planning

Any organization that relies upon yield management to drive its business requires a robust financial forecasting process. This is especially true when stock is perishable and the failure to sell that stock results in financial underperformance.

Short-, medium-, and long-term planning is crucial when deciding on key strategic pricing decisions like drive-up price changes, capacity expansion or choosing technology partnerships. Therefore, a tried and tested approach to forecasting is a must.

Our financial forecasting process not only drives accountability through the setting of granular level targets across all relevant metrics, but it also underpins the parking program through the process of continually assessing if performance is behind, on target or ahead of your financial forecast.

We provide a detailed annual forecast for your current and future financial years, as well as regular reforecasts throughout the year, meaning our clients are always in the know.

Yield Management & Pricing

After several years of developing revenue management tools and leading revenue management functions in the parking and broader travel sector, we have developed successful yield management programs for multiple high-profile clients.

Our first step is agreeing to a pricing framework with online pricing determined by product, market, available capacity, and seasonality.

Once a framework is agreed upon, a holistic approach to pricing and quota optimization where every decision is based on many factors, is considered best practice. Although we have vast experience and success in this area, our approach isn’t as simple as just replicating a pricing strategy from another market, airport or operator. Instead, we start with pricing based on best practices and then change and optimize the rates through rate of sale analysis and regular testing over time.

Ultimately, our approach to dynamic pricing is proven to give our clients control over their assets – It ensures that they don’t sell out during peak periods, don’t lose revenue during slower periods when there is available capacity, and that revenue performance is maintained when capacity is restricted due to other factors such as planned construction works.

Digital Marketing

There are numerous strategies that can – and must – make up an effective marketing plan that explores every possible way to maximize revenue. With an ever-changing digital world, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest trends and weapons that can accelerate the process.

When crafting a marketing plan and deciding what strategies to employ, we analyze historical performance, travel and aviation trends, future forecasts, the local region and seasonal factors. After all, no two businesses are the same, so one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work.

Taking this comprehensive approach allows us to design, develop, and deliver tailor-made marketing plans that work consistently, reliably, and profitably throughout any market, any season… and for any organization.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Vastly experienced in data analysis and financial analysis from multiple industries, Helm has developed a unique approach to analysis and reporting.

Our data analytics approach starts with a detailed planning phase, where we analyze the current performance, documenting what has worked well, what hasn’t worked well, and what needs to be improved. Regular analysis is subsequently provided on an ongoing basis through a series of automated reports, ad-hoc analysis and written reports, with options for time-series forecasting and dashboard development.

We are flexible, supporting a current project, leading a new project or simply being available as an extra resource as and when required.

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